B. Sunday Eiselt

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Southern Methodist University


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An overarching outcome of my work −and a major goal −is to uncover the “hidden histories” of underrepresented groups in the historical records of the American Southwest, and to explain the causes and consequences of social and political transformations following European contact. To gain this understanding, my research spans the disciplinary boundaries of anthropology, history, and the physical sciences.
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"In a simple direct sense, archaeology is a science that must be lived, must be seasoned with humanity. Dead archaeology is the driest dust that blows."
~Sir Wortimer Wheeler~

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For the past four years I have successfully worked to rehabilitate SMU's legacy archaeological collections from north Texas; bringing new opportunities for research, student learning and tribal engagement that celebrates the singular heritage of the Lone Star State.


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Southern Methodist University

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3225 Daniel Ave., Heroy Hall #450

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